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Market size and demand


Latest company news about Market size and demand

Rapid growth: The average domestic used car transaction price is generally on the rise, reaching 62,300 yuan/vehicle in 2018. From the perspective of transaction scale, it has doubled by 3.68 times in 7 years from 2012 to 2018, and the 7-year compound growth rate has reached 20.47%.


Large market: China's neighboring "CIS" and Southeast Asia have huge demand for second-hand car imports. Based on 10% of domestic second-hand car transactions, about 1.4 million vehicles are exported every year, with an average price of 60,000 yuan, and there will be an export value of 84 billion yuan.


Great potential: Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Russia, Eastern Europe, Africa, South America and other countries around China all allow foreign second-hand car imports, and there is huge demand. It is estimated that the demand for second-hand car exports to Africa, Southeast Asia, and Russia will reach 200 billion in 2021. Yuan, 130 billion yuan, 50 billion yuan.


Most of the bus passenger transportation and taxi operation systems in developing countries are donated by other countries, with no experience, no management, no after-sales service, and low utilization rate.Developing countries do not have their own auto industry, rely heavily on imports, and demand large amounts. However, the price of new cars is high, and second-hand cars lack access to purchase. The contradiction between supply and demand is acute. Take some countries as an example: 95% are imported second-hand cars, and only 5% are imported. New car imports.The global demand for automobiles in developing countries and regions can reach 100 billion U.S. dollars, and the demand for second-hand car import market accounts for 60%-80%; among them, the countries along the "Belt and Road" account for the main part, and most cities and China are left-handed. The number of cars and thousands of cars is low, and there is a strong demand for cost-effective second-hand cars.


And As the world's largest car ownership (270 million vehicles), China has a rich source of used cars for overseas consumers to choose from.


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